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Red Door Marketing was in the works long before openthereddoor.com launched. It all started when a white front door turned red.

"For several years I stared at our white front door. Each spring I thought to myself, 'what a bland unwelcoming front door. It's so basic. It doesn't encourage opening. Doesn't offer intrigue about what is on the other side. I should do something about that. Yet years of uncertainty kept the door white'" said owner Kerri Martin.

Kerri always wanted to paint the door red, but lacked the courage to just do it. Then one spring Saturday morning, she slammed the door on self-doubt and couldn't get to the paint store fast enough. A red door was a reality in a few short hours.

"It was such a thrill," said Kerri, "and, wow, what a difference it made! When it was finished, I sat there on my lawn in a pop-up chair just staring at my red door with the biggest smile."

If painting a door red took so long to happen, how long would it take Kerri to act on the constant thought of starting her own marketing company? Years! The answer is years!

Kerri dissected the idea, thought and re-thought with a side helping of over-analysis. But at the same time her knowledge, experience and skillset in marketing grew, adding over 15 years to her resume. However, lucky for her, and luckily for our Red Door Marketing clients, when our heavenly Father has a plan for someone, there is no ignoring it.

So for all you entrepreneurs, all you start-up and small companies out there - don't wait for the courage to go for it. Paint the door, sit back and smile.

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Red Door Marketing partners with small businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs to develop, grow and to share their stories through creativity, positive energy and contagious excitement!